Course and Reading Material

Lecture 1

Introduction to Computer Forensics

Lectures 2 - 6: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice Part 1

Introduction to Criminal Justice Part 2

Introduction to Criminal Justice Part 3

The seven objectives from "The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society" that would shape criminal justice for some time.

  1. Focus on crime prevention
  2. Broaden the range of techniques availavble to deal with offenders.
  3. Eliminate injustices in the criminal justice system.
  4. Attract more and better qualified persons to work in the System
  5. Increase research and development directed toward crime and administration
  6. More money to components
  7. Foster a community approach to crime, criminal jsutice, and change.
Lecture 7

What is Inofrmation? What is Computer?
History of Computing Links

A History of the Computer from PBS
Computer History Images
An Illustrated History of Computers
Computer History Museum Ehibits
The History Chanel Video Gallery
Timeline of Computing History
The History of Computing by Michelle A. Hoyle
History of computing hardware from Wikipedia
History of Computing, Virginia Montecino Education and Technology Resources
Intel 4004

Lectures 8 - 13

Big Endian and Little Endian: Links

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver's Travel (1939)
Big Endian, Little Endian
Big Endian, Little Endian from Wikipedia

Introduction to Computer Ethics

Introduction to Computer Ethics, text: Ethics in Information Technology, George Reynolds
Introduction to Computer Ethics: Privacy, text: Ethics in Information Technology, George Reynolds
Computer Ethics Web Resourcs

Encryption and Forensics

History of Cryptography Web Resources
Introduction to Cryptology
Cryptology Material

Steganography Web Resourses

Niels Provos and Peter Honeyman, Hide and Seek: AnIntroduction to Steganography, IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, May/June 2003.
HUAIQING WANG AND SHUOZHONG WANG, Cyber Warfare: Steganography vs. Steganalysis, COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM October 2004/Vol. 47, No. 10

Files for the Lab

picture 1
picture 2

Binary System Web Resourses

Binary-Decimal-Binary Converter

Cyber Terrorism Links

National Cyber Security Division
Cyber Security: Make it a Habit
U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CERT Form Partnership
Gabriel Weimann Cyberterrorism: How Real Is the Threat?"
Steganography and Cyber Terrorism Communications, Dancho Danchev
An Overview of Steganography for the Computer Forensics Examiner, Gary C. Kessler
Laptops lead to Al Qaeda plot August 03, 2004
U.S. gets new cyberterrorism security center, Computerworld, April 21, 2005

Communication of the ACM Volume 47 , Issue 3 (March 2004) Homeland security

Robert Popp, Thomas Armour, Ted Senator, Kristen Numrych, Countering terrorism through information technology